Discere et Agere : To Learn and To Do

A Catholic boys’ college in the Edmund Rice Tradition

Achieving Excellence Through Learning and Doing

Canteen Menu - January 2017

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Breakfast Menu from 8.15am to 8.35am

Cheese & Bacon rolls with cheese:$2.00
Plain Croissant:$1.80
Croissant with cheese:$2.00
Milk drinks, juices, yoghurt and bottled water are available for purchase


Soft Drink Cans:$2.50Powerade:$3.50
Bottled Soft Drink:$3.50Big M milk:$3.00
Pump Water:$2.50Nippy's Flavoured milk:$2.50
Mt Franklin Water:$2.00Nippy's Fresh Juice:$2.50
Up & Go:$2.00Iced Tea:$3.50
Goulburn Valley Juice:$2.50  

Hot Food

Pizza - Margarita, Hawaiian, Hot & Spicey, Ham & Cheese:$3.50Hot Dogs:$3.00
Steamed dim sim:$1.00 each2 dim sims in a roll:$2.50
Pies & Pasties:$3.50Sausage roll:$3.50
Sausage roll in a bread roll:$4.50Cheese & Spinach roll:$3.50
Potato Cakes:$1.00  

Rolls, Wraps...

Assorted Rolls:$3.00Assorted Wraps:$3.00
Toasted Sandwich:$2.00Toasted Focaccia:$3.00
Sushi:$2.50Sushi Twin Pack:$4.50


Yoghurt: $2.50 Cakes, donuts & muffins: $2.50
Piranha/popcorn: $1.00 Grainwaves: $1.50
Red rock Deli chips/Vegie Chips: $2.00 Starburst lollies: $3.00
Fresh Fruit: $0.80 per piece    

Special Menu

Monday Chicken Chili Strip rolls: $4.00
Tuesday Fried Rice: $3.00; Chicken Burgers: $4.00, Falafels: $4.00
Wednesday Souvalaki: $4.00
Thursday Chicken Chili Strip Rolls: $4.00
Friday Hamburgers, Chicken Burger: $4.00
Lasagne, Spaghetti Meatballs: $5.00 (Term 2 & 3)
Salads – Roasted pumpkin, Fetta & Pine nuts & varieties: $5.50 (Term 1 & 4)

Last updated January 27, 2017