Discere et Agere : To Learn and To Do

A Catholic boys’ college in the Edmund Rice Tradition

Achieving Excellence Through Learning and Doing

College Staff

Mr Anthony Alessio View Details aalessio@sbc.vic.edu.au Agere Coordinator
Ms Marie-Claire Anastasiadis View Details manastasiadis@sbc.vic.edu.au 7H Home Room Teacher
Mr Daniel Baldwin View Details dbaldwin@sbc.vic.edu.au 9F Home Room Teacher/Staff Liaison Officer
Mrs Shelley Beecham View Details sbeecham@sbc.vic.edu.au Teacher
Ms Jacqueline Benson View Details jbenson@sbc.vic.edu.au 7E Home Room Teacher
Mr Jason Blakey View Details jblakey@sbc.vic.edu.au Information Systems Manager
Mr Shaun Blevins View Details sblevins@sbc.vic.edu.au 11E Home Room Teacher
Ms Julie Bond View Details jbond@sbc.vic.edu.au Food Technology Assistant
Ms Donna Bourke View Details dbourke@sbc.vic.edu.au 7F Home Room Teacher
Mr Neville Box View Details nbox@sbc.vic.edu.au Year 12 Level Leader
Mr Gerard Brown View Details gbrown@sbc.vic.edu.au 7J Home Room Teacher
Mr Nikolas Brudenell View Details nbrudenell@sbc.vic.edu.au Year 8 Level Leader
Ms Renee Buhagiar View Details rbuhagiar@sbc.vic.edu.au Uniform Shop Manager
Ms Anita Burich View Details aburich@sbc.vic.edu.au Human Resources Manager
Mr Declan Butler View Details dbutler@sbc.vic.edu.au 2017 Gap Student - The Arts
Mrs Marnie Caldow View Details mcaldow@sbc.vic.edu.au Learning Support Coordinator
Ms Mary Cameron View Details mcameron@sbc.vic.edu.au Learning Support Officer
Mr George Camilleri View Details gcamilleri@sbc.vic.edu.au Maintenance Officer
Ms Suzana Caminiti View Details scaminiti@sbc.vic.edu.au Teacher
Ms Lori Carroll View Details lcarroll@sbc.vic.edu.au 7A Home Room Teacher/Cultural Engagement Coordinator
Ms Kate Cash View Details kcash@sbc.vic.edu.au Literacy Coordinator
Ms Sarah Cassar View Details scassar@sbc.vic.edu.au 8D Home Room Teacher
Ms Helen Catterall View Details hcatterall@sbc.vic.edu.au Canteen Assistant
Mrs Petra Chambers View Details pchambers@sbc.vic.edu.au Science Teacher
Mr David Congdon View Details dcongdon@sbc.vic.edu.au Year 7 Level Leader
Mr Xavier Cox View Details xcox@sbc.vic.edu.au 9C Home Room Teacher
Mr Garth Cupido View Details gcupido@sbc.vic.edu.au 8H Home Room Teacher
Mr Kristian Davies View Details kdavies@sbc.vic.edu.au 7D Home Room Teacher
Ms Tina Davis View Details tdavis@sbc.vic.edu.au Business Manager
Ms Lynette Dawson View Details ldawson@sbc.vic.edu.au Learning Support Officer
Ms Michelle De Stefani View Details mdestefani@sbc.vic.edu.au Learning Support Officer
Ms Patrizia Del Medico View Details pdelmedico@sbc.vic.edu.au 12D Home Room Assistant
Mrs Karen Dervan View Details kdervan@sbc.vic.edu.au Library Technician
Mr Tony Dib View Details tdib@sbc.vic.edu.au Teacher
Ms Isabella Easton View Details ieaston@sbc.vic.edu.au Teacher
Ms Alexandra Feain View Details afeain@sbc.vic.edu.au 10D Home Room Teacher
Mr Patrick Fitzgerald View Details pfitzgerald@sbc.vic.edu.au 8F Home Room Teacher
Ms Hayley Fitzpatrick View Details hfitzpatrick@sbc.vic.edu.au KLA Leader - Technology
Mr David Formosa View Details dformosa@sbc.vic.edu.au Development Manager
Ms Sharon Francis View Details sfrancis@sbc.vic.edu.au 12B Home Room Assistant; Laboratory Assistant
Mr Kevin Futter View Details kfutter@sbc.vic.edu.au Webmaster/Database Manager
Mr Anthony Gale View Details agale@sbc.vic.edu.au 10J Home Room Teacher
Mrs Jacqui Gale View Details jgale@sbc.vic.edu.au Library Manager
Ms Sarah Gamble View Details sgamble@sbc.vic.edu.au 8C Home Room Teacher
Mr Steven Giannakis View Details sgiannakis@sbc.vic.edu.au 11G Home Room Teacher/Agere Coordinator
Mrs Doris Giansalvo View Details dgiansalvo@sbc.vic.edu.au Finance
Mrs Marilyn Gilligan View Details mgilligan@sbc.vic.edu.au 7H Home Room Assistant/Student Support - Discere
Mr Stephen Glenister View Details sglenister@sbc.vic.edu.au Teacher
Ms Bronwyn Glenny View Details bglenny@sbc.vic.edu.au 11F Home Room Teacher
Ms Eleni Glouftsis View Details eglouftsis@sbc.vic.edu.au 9B Home Room Teacher

Last updated December 3, 2015