Discere et Agere : To Learn and To Do

A Catholic boys’ college in the Edmund Rice Tradition

Achieving Excellence Through Learning and Doing

Who Are We?

St Bernard's College is a single-gender Catholic Secondary School offering a wide range of formal classes, and also a comprehensive informal curriculum, to more than 1400 young men from Year 7 through to Year 12. The students are expected to be personally enthusiastic about involving themselves in the broad educational spectrum offered by the school. This applies especially to their growth in an informed appreciation of their Faith as an integral and essential part of that broad education.

Though our student population is drawn mostly from those who have attended local Catholic Primary Schools, and whose families have been actively supportive of their sons' ongoing education in the Catholic faith through consistent involvement in their parish communities, consideration is always given to students who can demonstrate special circumstances. There is no selective academic entrance exam.

Set in extensive grounds on the side of Steele Creek Valley in West Essendon, the College is administered as two separate campuses—Years 7 to 9 and Years 10 to 12—who share the same site. This fosters a closer sense of community on each campus.

Values for Australian Schooling [PDF, 50KB]