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Friday, 25 November 2016

In another classic contest the Orientation Day Dash again went down to the wire with Patrick Matthews just edging out Damian Hughes in a very tight finish. Damian took the race out hard from the start with Patrick, Jai Keighery, James Oxley and staff member Jacob Sweeney trying to stay with him. Halfway along Beryl Street the order had not changed, although Shea Wellington had been able to get onto the back of the lead pack. It now looked likely the winner would come from this group as they had opened up a small gap on the rest of the field. By 'Halfway Hill' the lead group was down to five with Damian still leading narrowly from Patrick with Shea Wellington in third. Jai Keighery and James Oxley were working hard to hang on to the leaders but Jacob Sweeney had lost contact with this group. Jacob’s battle was now with Xavier Cox to be the first staff member across the line. By the top of the hill Patrick had moved into the lead and it was now Damian’s turn to try and hang on. Shea and Jai were having their own little battle whilst Nicholas Bainbridge had emerged from the pack and had made a move up the hill. He had passed both Jacob and Xavier and was closing the gap on James Oxley.

In the finish it was Patrick’s greater leg speed over the shorter one kilometre distance that got him to the line in front of Damian who has had Pat’s measure in the longer races this year. Both boys registered personal best times as did Jai Keighery, who finished third, in their last official race as St Bernard’s students. But as good as these performances were the run of the race came from James Oxley who finished fifth. In only his second run over the course James took twelve seconds off his run from earlier in the term to become the newest member of the College Dash Hall of Fame. Other impressive runs came from Nicholas Bainbridge who also snuck under the three-minute barrier and Jacob Sweeney who unfortunately just missed by a whisker. In total eight personal best times out of a possible eleven were recorded and two more students were inducted to the College Dash Hall of Fame. Congratulations to all who achieved PBs and thank you to the staff and students who took part.

Race Results:
1st Patrick Matthews 2:46.30 PB (Year 12)
2nd Damian Hughes 2:47.04 PB (Year 12)
3rd Jai Keighery 2:50.18 PB (Year 12)
4th Shea Wellington 2:52.68 (Year 12)
5th James Oxley 2:58.24 HF (Year 8)
6th Nicholas Bainbridge 2:59.35 HF (Year 9)
7th Jacob Sweeney 3:00.31*(Staff)
8th Xavier Cox 3:02.35 PB (Staff)
9th James Deasy 3:08.41 (Year 10)
10th Tom Jakab 3:16.16 PB (Year 12)
11th Nathan Rayner 3:16.40*(Year 10)
12th John Harrington 3:23.79*(Year 8)
13th Pat Sicilia 3:27.36*(Year 8)
14th Daniel Palmer 3:29.78 PB (Staff)
15th Ryan Iskra 3:35.64*(Year 8)
16th Max Guarnaccia 3:44.79*(Year 7)
17th Sebastian Lee 3:45.00* (Year 8)
17th Lorenzo Basile 3:45.00* (Year 8)
19th Tom Purcell 3:45.31*(Year 8)
20th Michael Buccheri 3:51.06 (Year 7)
21st Matthew Iaria 3:58.06*(Year 8)
(HF - New Hall of Fame Inductee)
(* First run over the course)

The competitors on the startline for the Orientation Day Dash.
Damian Hughes leads the down Beryl Street 200 metres into the race.
The lead pack on ‘Halfway Hill’.
Patrick Matthews leads from Damian Hughes and Jai Keighery in the run to the finish.
To very happy Hall of Famers. Nicholas Bainbridge and James Oxley all smiles after breaking three minutes and being Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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