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Achieving Excellence Through Learning and Doing


The Downloads section of the St Bernard's College website houses electronic versions of documents relevant to the public that are not covered by other areas within Publications. These documents are mostly in PDF format, and can be viewed with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Application for School Sponsorship

Application for School Sponsorship [PDF, 78KB]
This document is in Adobe PDF format.

Application for Sporting Bursary

Sporting Bursary Form
Format: Adobe PDF, 226KB
Uploaded: 31/10/2014
The College Foundation offers bursaries to any student who represents Victoria or Australia in a sport in which he has represented the College at ACC level in that school year.

EREA Code of Conduct

EREA Code of Conduct
Format: Adobe PDF, 739KB
Uploaded: 12/4/2017
The Code of Conduct details, clarifies and affirms the standards of behaviour expected by Edmund Rice Education Australia for members of the Edmund Rice Education Australia community.

Camp Handbooks

Year 8 Camp Booklet 2017
File Details: PDF, 660KB
Uploaded: 21/02/2017


Acceleration Policy
The Acceleration Policy is especially relevant to students in Year 9 and Year 10 who may wish to 'accelerate' in the following year. For example, Year 9 students wanting to accelerate in Year 10 must show evidence of an excellent academic level in Year 9, when applying for acceleration in August as part of subject selection. Acceleration means completing a Unit 1/2 (Year 11) subject while in Year 10 or a Unit 3/4 (Year 12) subject while in Year 11. The possibility of acceleration relies heavily on existing academic evidence and is only available to those students who perform at an excellent level.
File Details: PDF, 76KB
Uploaded: 27/07/2016
VELS Reporting
An outline of the various aspects of VELS reports at St Bernard's College. This key will assist in understanding the reports.
File Details: PDF, 132KB
Uploaded: 25/07/2007
Year 7 & 10 Laptop Agreement
This document outlines the responsibilities of students and parents regarding the Notebook Program for Years 7 & 10.
File Details: PDF, 392KB
Uploaded: 31/01/2017
2012 Academy Awards Assembly Booklet
File Details: PDF, 219KB
Uploaded: 25/02/2013
Academic Flowchart
File Details: PDF, 75KB
Uploaded: 27/07/2016
Supporting Students to Do Their Best
File Details: PDF, 75KB
Uploaded: 27/07/2016
Grade Descriptors Poster
File Details: PDF, 83KB
Uploaded: 16/06/2014
Year 10 2015 Subject Selection Booklet
File Details: PDF, 5MB
Uploaded: 25/07/2014
Year 11 2015 Subject Selection Booklet
File Details: PDF, 11MB
Uploaded: 25/07/2014
Subject Allocation at St Bernards College 2016
File Details: PDF, 116KB
Uploaded: 27/07/2016


Draft Strategic Plan
File Details: PDF, 646KB
Uploaded: 29/07/2016

Parent Information Handbooks

VCE Student Handbook
File Details: PDF, 143KB
Uploaded: 08/06/2016
VCAL Brochure
This is a brochure prepared by the Victorian Government to explain the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.
File Details: PDF, 415KB
Uploaded: 15/06/2011
Structured Workplace Learning at SBC
Any VCAL student undertaking a Structured Workplace Learning placement must complete this arrangement form.
File Details: PDF, 304KB
Uploaded: 03/02/2009
Yr 12 Parent Information Night Presentation
This is a PDF version of the presentation given to parents at the Year 12 Parent Information Night.
File Details: PDF, 348KB
Uploaded: 08/02/2012
Year 10 Certificate
File Details: PDF, 323KB
Uploaded: 14/02/2013
VCAL Certificate in Applied Learning Application Form
File Details: PDF, 82KB
Uploaded: 27/07/2016

Project Kenya

Project Kenya Sponsorship Form
File Details: PDF, 178KB
Uploaded: 01/07/2016

Sustainable School Shop

Second-Hand Textbook Trading Letter
File Details: PDF, 94KB
Uploaded: 30/10/2013


Peer Relations Survey Summary of Results 2016
File Details: PDF, 167KB
Uploaded: 01/07/2016

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